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Litty Bites

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PEGASUS Litty Bites (1200mg)


Pegasus Litty Bites 1200mg: A potent fusion of flavour and effect, offering Strawberry Cough, Ice Pop, Pineapple Express, and Blueberry in both uplifting Sativa and relaxing Indica. Dive into intensity.

PEGASUS Litty Bites (500mg | 600mg)


Pegasus Litty Bites: Unleash a world of flavor and potency with 500-600mg THC gummies. From exhilarating Peach to soothing Watermelon, each bite is an adventure. Indulge in the extraordinary.

PEGASUS Litty Bites 2500mg


Dive into the extraordinary with Pegasus Litty Bites 2500mg. Each gummy offers an intense 2500mg THC experience.

PEGASUS Vegan CBD Full Spectrum Gummies 500mg


Full Spectrum Gummies—500mg of assorted flavours for a full-bodied CBD experience in every bite.

PEGASUS Vegan CBD Gummies Party Mix 500mg


Savour plant-based bliss with PEGASUS Vegan CBD Gummies Party Mix—500mg of flavourful relaxation in every vegan bite.